Mom’s Club

Welcome to Mom’s Club – a bereavement group for mothers that have lost a child due to medical illness. Sometimes being around people that simple understand where you are coming from makes all the difference. We meet quarterly on the first Saturday in February, May, August and November. Location and exact time may vary. Casey’s Circle provides a lite lunch, and any mother that has lost a child due to medical illness is welcome to join us.

We welcome new members to share their stories, and then existing members can talk about their challenges, triumphs and how they are doing since our last meeting. This is a great opportunity to celebrate our children’s lives while also leaning on each other.

All are welcome to share, but if you would rather just listen, that is always an option as well. Please RSVP to if you will be able to attend the next session so that we can be sure to get enough seats and snacks.

Next Meeting

Date: Saturday – November 11th
Time: 11:30AM-1:PM
Location: Chili’s
6619 N Interstate 35
Austin, TX 78752