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icons-02We understand how hard it can be to get out and about with children that have complex medical needs. We offer events throughout the year that are designed exactly with this in mind. Most of our events are open to ALL children with special needs (regardless of severity or diagnosis). We also have smaller events throughout the year for medically complex children and their families ONLY. We know that keeping these groups small is a HUGE priority. It is very easy for medically complex children to become overwhelmed in large crowds. We want these events to be fun and lasting memories for families- the last thing we want to do is make these events stressful for anyone.

Attendance for our smaller events is always invitation only! If you are not sure if your child qualifies as Medically Complex, please review our Medically Complex Guidelines.

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If you are not sure if your child is medically complex CLICK HERE and refer to our Medically Complex Guidelines.

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