General Special Needs

What is a Circle?

circle_togetherMany people have heard the terms ‘circle of care’, ‘circle of trust’ or ‘circle of friends’. We purposely did not include an ‘of…’ in Casey’s Circle. When you have a medically complex child, you quickly start to build your circle. It is an all encompassing circle. You may start by adding care team members (doctors, specialists, etc), but your circle will grow to include home health nurses, therapists, teachers, social workers, support organizations, other children like your own, neighbors, family, friends, and the list goes on and on. Each child will have their own circle needs and some circles will grow to be very large. The biggest thing about a circle though is that if any part of it is missing or failing the entire circle feels it. That is why we are all about strengthening circles for medically complex children. By making sure that their circles are solid we can help improve their overall care, their social opportunities, and their quality of life.

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