Tim Barnes – Founder/President

Tim Barnes is Casey’s dad. He moved to Austin from the midwest 20 years ago and works in the financial services software industry. When Marty and Tim aren’t working on Casey’s Circle events, you can usually find Tim making furniture in his wood shop, a passion he picked up customizing Casey’s home in adapted way that recognized that she was first and foremost an amazing little girl, and a patient second. This is a theme that Tim and Marty try to keep in mind when organizing events for children like Casey.

Marty Barnes – Founder/Director

Marty Barnes is a native Texan and best known as Casey’s mom. Marty and her husband, Tim, created the nonprofit Casey’s Circle after Casey’s passing in 2016. This organization offers many tools, resources, social opportunities for children who are medically complex, and bereavement events. Casey’s Circle also includes educational resources specifically designed for caregivers of children who are medically complex. In addition to her own organization, Marty is very active in the special needs community and works closely with her community’s local children’s hospital and the Palliative Care Team to help improve family centered care and best practices for children with complex medical needs.

Bill Crowley – Treasurer

Bill Crowley and his wife Trixy are the proud parents of Ava and Berkley, two of Casey’s friends and girl scout troop-mates. Over the years, the Crowley family has volunteered at various Casey’s Circle events around Austin and are honored to be able to continue serving with a presence on Casey’s Circle Board. Bill has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UT. He works an executive in the software industry focusing on turnarounds for small software companies. Bill brings a lot of business experience and great ideas to help Casey’s Circle expand and reach more local families of children with complex medical needs.

Valerie Zavaleta – Secretary/Director of Media Relations

Valerie Zavaleta her husband have 3 young girls and were honored to call Casey their friend. One of Valerie’s daughter’s was a member of Casey’s Girl Scout Troop, and her oldest daughter attended meetings as Casey’s helper. Valerie has her teaching degree from Texas Tech University and taught 2nd grade before becoming a mom. She also worked as a math writer and for a pediatric therapy clinic. In addition to her Board of Director’s position, Valerie is a busy mom to her 3 girls and is an active member of the PTA. Valerie enjoys helping at the many Casey’s Circle events around town. She often brings her girls with her so they can all share their love for Casey by interacting with unique, special kids.

Jodi Lindsey – Director

Jodi Lindsey has spent 7 years as a home health nurse primarily working with Casey. She had other part time medically complex patients over the years, but her primary patient was Casey Barnes. Jodi worked very closely with Casey’s parents as well as her care team and the rest of her circle to provide Casey with opportunities and a quality of life that was never expected for her. By working as a team, Jodi has helped pave the way for how to get things done properly to best benefit the child while still doing your job legally and responsibly. With medically complex children this can sometimes be a difficult balance to strike. Before working with Casey Jodi worked in nursing homes with senior patients and did a lot of work in wound care. Jodi enjoys spending time with her husband, son, daughter, grandson and many pets. She also plays hockey in her spare time.