Special Needs – Family Jamboree

Casey’s Circle and Round Rock Parks & Rec – AIR are hosting the 2020 Special Needs Family Jamboree!

Saturday- September 26, 2020 – 10AM-11:30AM

VIRTUAL – Connect via Facebook

Event Details

The 2020 Jamboree is VIRTUAL! Anyone can join us from the safety and comfort of their own homes. We will have lots of interactive fun and prizes. In order to win prizes you must attend the live stream on Saturday September 26th from 10AM-11:30AM. The live stream can be watched from Casey’s Circle Facebook page, Round Rock Parks and Rec Facebook page as well as from the event Facebook page.

If you are not able to attend the live stream, we will upload the video. You will still be able to do the fun activities from home at later times, you just will not be able to win the prizes.

Event Sponsors

Complete List of 2020 Event Vendors

Event Schedule:

Check the Facebook Event Page for more details on schedule, prizes, how to win, etc.
Please note that this is a live event, and some things may go longer or shorter than others. These times are not definite and may change slightly.

10AM- Hello and Welcome
***Reminder- anyone is welcome to play along, but winners must be local. We will not ship any prizes. Winners must live between San Antonio, Waco, Lampasas and Bastrop. If you are out of this area you are NOT eligible to win.

10:05- Meet Casey’s Circle and join them for a fun virtual scavenger hunt followed by a great prize for one lucky player.
They will announce an item and you will be able to post a picture of that item in the comments. Each entry/response will enter you for a chance to win the prize basket. You do not have to find all items to win, but the more you find, the better your odds. Each entry will be assigned a number and a random number will be selected at the end of the game.

10:20- We will introduce you to a few vendors.

10:25- Infinity Pharmacies will tell you about their services and lead everyone in a game of BINGO with a really cool movie night prize package. The first 10 people to get a BINGO will be put into a hat and the winner will be selected randomly.

10:35- We will introduce you to a few more vendors

10:40- Pediatric Healthcare Connections will tell you about all the great things they are doing and then lead us in a mystery game with a mystery prize. I am sure it will FUN!!! PHC was one of the booth winners last year.

10:50- We will introduce you to yet a few more vendors

10:55- Round Rock Adaptive and Inclusive (AIR) will tell you about the MANY programs they offer and then lead us in an interactive game of Pictionary with another great prize basket! The winner will be selected from the people that guess the picture in the comments section.

11:10- We will announce the winner of the Therapy Table.
To enter to win the therapy table we will show a jar of marshmallows multiple times throughout the event. To enter, guess how many marshmallows you think there are. The person who guesses closest (over or under) will win. If we have multiple guesses the same distance from the actual number the prize will go to the person out of those guesses that guessed first. You will be able to guess the number of marshmallows at anytime during the event. Only 1 guess per person. If you enter multiple guesses we will only count the first guess.

Following the live event we will upload the video and you can play along with the activities from home at later times if you prefer- prizes are ONLY available to those that play during the live stream, and again, only local families can win.

You can join in the fun from Casey’s Circle Facebook page or Round Rock Parks and Recreation Facebook page. Be sure to comment and interact, there will be some extra surprises throughout as well.

Previous Jamborees

The 2020 Jamboree is a wrap. On Saturday September 26 we had so much broadcasting our virtual activities to all of the families to play and win along at home. Check out the YouTube video for a replay of all the fun (prizes have been awarded to participants during the live feed).

September 28, 2019 we co-hosted the 2nd Annual Jamboree with Round Rock PARD AIR (adaptive and inclusive rec). We had a great turn out with lots of families as well as lots of vendors. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and sMiles 4 Sammy were our event sponsors. I’m not sure if the families had more fun or the vendors, either way it was a great day! This was our first year to have booth awards for vendors. Some of the booths and activities were AMAZING!! We can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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September 22, 2018 we hosted our first ever Jamboree. The weather leading up to the event was not looking good, but the skies cleared just in time for the park to dry out. The sun was shining and smiling faces filled the park. We had a plan B, but we were glad we didn’t have to use it. The first Jamboree was so much fun that we decided right away to add it to our annual calendar. We can’t wait to see you all again next year!
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