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Finding Dory Movie Event

27952293886_ee49929f59_bToday we hosted our first official Casey’s Circle event. One of Casey’s favorite things to do was to go to the movies. This was always very challenging though. The equipment we had to tote along, the noise we made and finding a theater that had accessible seating where we could actually sit with Casey. There were so many things that made going to the theater a rare treat. We knew that this was something we wanted to help other families like ours experience through Casey’s Circle.

The most accessible theater we have found is Flix Brewhouse. They have an entire row in each theater that is rolling office chairs. You can move the chairs and sit with your friends and/or with multiple people that need wheelchairs. Many theaters have the accessible seats isolated and it makes it hard to sit together. The food and drinks Flix serves are pretty good too.

We picked an off time so that the lobby and public areas would not be packed and we rented out the entire theater. We invited a handful of “Casey’s Friends” with complex needs to join us for lunch and to watch “Finding Dory“. We kept the group small and focused on their needs. It was so great to see the families come out and enjoy a special event together. Some families had never been able to take their kids to the movie prior- which made this event that much more special. Casey would have loved it!

We are looking forward to many more events in the future and we hope to see the families that joined us today again soon.

Click HERE for more pictures from the event.

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