Gifting for Children who have No Interest in Traditional Childhood Toys

Many children with special needs cannot or will not play with traditional childhood “toys”, so what do you buy them for birthdays, holidays, and/or special occasions?  The first rule of thumb is ALWAYS ASK THE PARENTS FIRST.  You may not want to buy hand sanitizer for a child, or diapers, or any other care supplies…however, these items are NEEDED for the daily health and well being of the child. There is never any better gift than LISTENING to the parents and buying what the child NEEDS.  If the parents don’t have any suggestions then what should you do?  Get creative, have fun, and think about small but meaningful items that may bring a little joy into the special occasion you want to celebrate for the child and with the child.   p.s. Gift certificates to mega-marts, large grocery/homegoods stores, gas stations, and restaurants always make great gifts for special needs families too!

Here are some great lists and other ideas that may be helpful:

  • 10 Gift Ideas for Kids with Special Needs
  • Parenting Special Needs- Mom Approved
  • Books- books make a great gift for any occasion. If the child is able to read on their own, great, but if not books are a great bonding tool to read to or with a child as well- regardless of their abilities.
  • Experiences- do something with the child and/or family. Make memories and spend time showing them that you care. It can be a simple craft to do at home, or going out on an adventure (depending on what the child likes and is able to participate in doing).