Here is your sign…

Do you have a medically fragile child in your home?

Making guests/visitors remove their shoes before entering your home and wash their hands before any contact with your child can be difficult to communicate.  Why not get creative?  You can create fun collages, use computer clip art, posters or even yard signs that ask guests to respect your house rules and protect your child.  You can also create a small “STOP” sign in your front entry way that lists out your requests for visitors.  Have a nice place for guests to place their shoes, and have a bin of new socks available to give to guests to wear (bare feet can be as dirty as shoes, especially in the summer).  This isn’t about offending guests…it is about keeping your child healthy – so don’t be afraid to come up with effective ways to communicate your child’s needs to anyone who enters your home!

I learned a long time ago, my child’s health and well being are a lot more important to me than potentially hurting someone’s feelings that may put my child at risk. It’s not personal- it’s just what has to be done!

Here is a great sign that is free to download & print: