Complete bathroom make over

We built a new bathroom with roll in shower, large turning radius and direct access to bedrooms. This was part of an addition that we put on the house.

Casey’s Bathroom

After breaking our backs trying to get our daughter in and out of the tub we decided to modify the master bath (the only 1st floor bathroom) to be more accessible. We pulled out the tub and shower that were next to each other. We also pulled out the double sinks with cabinets underneath. We thought about leaving the standard window, but did decided to pull it out as well. We replaced the window with glass blocks and no ledge to accumulate water build up. We then had to re-dig the drain in order to have a single large drain in the center of what used to be the tub and separate shower bay. New tile was laid at a grade to run the water to the new drain. We left the middle section completely open to roll in our daughter’s bath chair. On one side we put in an overhead shower and a wall that is half tile and the top half is glass. On the other side we did a shorter control with a easily adjusted hand shower. This side has a half tile wall, but there is not glass on the top. Instead the counter it continued out to the parallel wall. Next to the parallel wall we have a single sink. We selected not to do any cabinets below to leave the sink and counter/vanity are wheel chair accessible.

Spa Bath

We have since removed the glass separating the wet and dry area, removed the shelving unit and installed toilet rails. We have a Rifton bath chair and it all works beautifully! Shower wall showing shower system, as well as handheld system. We have been using a teak bench which we can move around, which has been great. Toilet is in the wet area…it is great! If someone makes a mess, it is very easy to clean. We are getting ready to add the bar between the shower and the toilet. Shelves will come out when more space is needed. The linen cabinet is just the perfect size for the little ones.

Easy Fix

The bath chair in the picture we already had and it was covered by insurance. However, when we moved in there was a decent size shower in our daughter’s bathroom. We replaced the shower head with a hand help (we still need to get a mounting bracket for the wall- it just hangs over the chair for now). In order to be able to get in and out easily we also took the door off. Eventually we plan to treat the walls so that we can take the other glass partition off as well and use it more like a wet room. For now the single glass partition is coming in handy. We use a suction caddy from Neotech that sticks to the glass with suction cups. We can use it to hold the suction tip and keep it handy while bathing our daughter. The only real cost was the hand shower (depending on what you want it could be $30-1000