Tall Locking Cabinet

I love this for medical storage. It locks and can be attached to the wall for safety. I even got a magnetic clipboard for charting and The Container Store has bins that fit inside perfectly. Anyway, just wanted to share this idea, for those who are looking for a more vertical solution.

Medical Supplies Storage

When our son had a routine tonsillectomy in 2010 he ended up contracting adenovirus and was in the fight of his life. He ended up being permanently trach/vented and when we finally got home 3 months later we were overwhelmed by the amount of medical supplies we had to deal with. Our first thought was we needed shelves and bins to hold everything but we were concerned our sons room would look more like a hospital than a kids room. We decided to check out the container store and ended up buying 16 large stacking drawers in various bright colors. Now we have a colorful room, with plenty of hard surfaces to use for small care prep areas and room decor and tons of storage space to tuck away/organize supplies.

Harbor Freight

We put in cabinets on one wall. We use a lot of stuff from like garage organizing for the little stuff. Really cheap at Harbor Freight. As you see we keep a small fridge for his meds and iv stuff. When he was little we had a attached changing pad on the counter. Now we use it for me. Preps.


We have this storage system. We put two of them back to back and it works wonderful for all of Bens toys and the top serves as a book shelf.

Door Surround

My husband built a cabinet that goes around the door frame in my daughters room. We also have one of those sets of plastic drawers and use a cabinet in my kitchen. She went into the hospital two weeks ago for a GTube and stayed in the PICU for 8 days with breathing issues. When we came home we ended up with GTube supplies, a couch assist machine, pulse ox both home and travel, CPAP and supplies, compressor, oxygen tanks, and concentrator. Plus we are waiting on a suction machine and a best for treatments. Oh-and diapers and wipes and regular care stuff…

Medical Storage

We started out with rolling drawers to hold things like syringes and other medical items. 1 set of drawer grew to 3, then 5 and eventually looked like a parking lot for rolling drawers. We decided it was time to do something bigger to accommodate everything in one unit. After lots of searching we found a unit at Ikea that we were able to customize to fit our needs. You can fill the cubies with bins, drawers, leave them as shelves, etc. We combined the flexibility if the Expedit shelving unit with our handy label maker and came out with a very effective medical storage system.

Lockable Storage

This unit is lockable. My husband built it for daughter’s play/therapy room. It hold switches, adapted toys, therapy stuff, etc. The locks help keep cousins and friends out of the therapy supplies.

Open and Organized

Shelving we got from IKEA…. Bins too, they slide in and hang. Everything is customizable you can make shelving as large or as small as you want, 3 different bin sizes and the letters are foam Glitter letters from Arts and Crafts section!

Back to Back

We have this back to back to form a cube and take up less room One is for supplies, one for all kiddos meds as they lock.


My son’s room has a Lightening McQueen/Cars theme so we went with a Craftsman tool chest for med and supply storage. Added some cheap inserts for organization and we have our own Medcart