Tuesday Talks

Neuromuscular Diagnosis – A Closer Look at SMA

The Child Neurology Consultants of Austin recently added a new specialist to their team that has great experience with neuromuscular conditions. We were able to meet Dr. Cardon and she talked about SMA. She specializes in neuromuscular conditions, SMA being one of many. If your child has a neuromuscular condition Dr. Cardon may be a great resource for you and your family. She is working closely with the Austin MDA Clinic to help her patients get the services and resources they need.

We talked specifically about what SMA is, and the latest treatment that has been doing amazing things for many SMA patients. While this treatment is a HUGE step forward, Dr. Cardon reminded us all that this is not a cure and the families still need to work with their entire circles to keep therapies, other specialists, etc moving forward as well.

This was our first Tuesday Talks with a Spanish Interpreter as well. We have many Spanish speaking families that we serve and this is something we have been hoping to add for a while now.

If you missed it live, no problem, you can watch the video below.

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