Things to Know if You’re on the Go

We all spend plenty of time in the car, in waiting rooms, etc. Sometimes you may leave the house and pack enough to be out for 2-4 hours then find yourself still long for home after 6 or more hours. If you have a child with medical needs along with you it can make any outing more challenging. Here are a few tips that can help.

If your child does not do well sitting up for long periods of time and you have to travel or spend more time that your child can tolerate in the car there are some car safety options that a lot of people don’t know about. One is called the E-Z-On Vest. This car seat harness will allow your child to lay down on a bench seat while still be safely secured. If you have a smaller child you may be able to use laying down car seats like the Hope Car Bed. There are a wide variety of special needs car seats that allow for more reclining than typical car seats and that provide additional support in select areas for children that need it.

Carry a stuffed animal, or a few. Different shaped stuffed animals can be used as positioning devices, to hold tubing, I’ve even used them to mop up a spill with there was nothing else available. I can’t even count the number of times we used them as pillows when the exam rooms didn’t have pillows on the tables.

Wipes can be super handy too. If course there is the obvious use with cleaning up diapers, but they can be used to clean up spills, or even to freshen up. We’ve all been there- sitting in the hot car/sun and you know you may smell a little, do a quick armpit wipe and you’ll feel and smell much better!

If your child is in diapers, and you find that you can’t be sure that there will be an accessible changing option while you are out consider carrying a small camping cot or a yoga may in your car. In a pinch these options can be pulled out to provide a clean and comfortable area to change a diaper on the go.

Here are a few other suggestions on items to keep in your car. A package of disposable underpads (these things come in handy for all types of needs), car chargers for any equipment you can’t be without (suction machine, feeding pump, iPad, etc), bottle(s) or water (for use with pills, to drink, for spills, etc), for families here in Texas keep some sort of cooling device (a battery powered fan, a cooling rag, etc). If you have a Go-Bag, be sure to keep it handy when you are out of the house as well.