Saline “Bullet” Multi-Use

If your child uses saline bullets you either have way too many, or never enough. If you have way too many, there are lots of “other” uses that you may or may not be aware of.

Saline bullets are traditionally used to clean out trach tubes, or to help moisten airways when used in nebulizers. We used them a lot in the nebulizer to help break up thick secretions and keep Casey’s lungs more clear.

Did you know that you can actually use them to clean and store your contacts? It’s much easier to travel with a few bullets instead of a full bottle of contact solution. Or if you run out of bullets, you can use general saline contact solution in a pinch. You can use saline bullets for eye drops and eye rinses as well. Many of the OTC eye drops are simply saline, but with the special packaging you pay a lot more.

Stash a few bullets in the car, in your purse, or in the first aid kit. You can use the saline to clean wounds. This is really handy if you are not near clean water. You can keep a few bullets in the fridge too. Cold saline on a bleeding cut will help to slow or stop the bleeding.
My husband uses a Neti Pot. If I forgot to pick up sterile water and/or he runs out of the saline packets he can use a handful of bullets and get the same results on his sinus.

We don’t have a dog, or cat, but here in Austin just about everyone else does. Many people use surplus saline bullets for their pet’s eye drops or wound wash.

Last, but certainly not least, if you still have more saline bullets than you know what do with, consider passing them on to other families. There are MANY online exchange groups where you will be connected with other special needs families that may have what you need, or need what you have. If you can find someone local so there is no shipping involved- even better. Just search for ‘Medical Supply Exchange’ on Facebook or Google and I am sure you can find one near you.