Say Cheese!

I, just like most people, don’t always like how I look. I want to lose a few pounds, fix my hair (cover the grays), put on some make-up, dress nicer, etc. However, as a parent there is not always time to make yourself look your best. Don’t use your own appearance as a reason to not be in the pictures.

Years from now your child(ren) will look back on the pictures taken and relive the wonderful memories that were created. If you are not in any of the pictures, it’s harder for them to remember the role you played, the smile on your face as you saw them enjoy life, or how your eyes lit up from the love you feel for your child. Sure, they will know what you tell them, but if you are not in any pictures it’s hard on your kids.

We took a lot of pictures of Casey over the years, and we were not in all of them. When it was a big event or a really special day we tried to all be in as many pictures as we could. I avoided the camera for many years just because I was not happy with my own appearance. I read an article many years ago that helped me to realize that my appearance did not matter, my presence did.

After Casey passed away in 2016, the pictures and videos are even more important. I spend a lot of time every day looking at her old photos and remembering our special moments. I was worried that she would have forgotten that I was there, but now they help me to see the love we shared as a family and remember that we did the best that we could to give her a full life.

You don’t have to be in every picture, but don’t avoid the camera. You don’t have to share the pictures with anyone else, but you and your loved ones will be glad that you have them.