Below you can select a day and time that you are able to do an interview. You can select just 1 or you can fill out the form 2-3 times if you would like and we will pick 1. After you submit your request we will send you an email invite to join a Zoom Video meeting. It will be just you and one person from Casey’s Circle in the meeting. We will record it and then share it on an upcoming Tuesday as part of the Tuesday Talks program.

In the section about your child, just let us know their name, age, diagnosis (if they have one). You do not need to go into a lot of detail for that question. If you select multiple days/times you only need to answer the child question in one of time slots.

You can download the interview questions HERE. When we start the Zoom meeting there will be time before we start recording to let us know if you want to use these questions of if you would prefer to talk about something else. We really appreciate you sharing your story, and we can’t wait to hear from you!


To schedule your interview time, select a date from the calendar below. If you see little clocks on the date you want it simply means some of the times are booked for that day, but some are still open. When all time slots are filled the date box is dark purple. If you can click on the date there are at least a few time slots still available.
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