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There is one question I get asked a LOT- what are some programs out there to help cover the cost of the items my kids needs? If that many people are asking, I figure this is something worth sharing with all of you as well.

Surprisingly, there are actually a good number of organizations that can help with financial needs for families in the Austin area. Some are local, some are statewide, and some are across the country. Hopefully these may be able to help you.

First up let’s talk about a grant program available to families across the US. United Healthcare Grants will give up to $5000 for some cases. There is a lot of paperwork, and it is income based. However, that does not mean you have to be on SSI to apply. You can find more details, and apply here:

There are 3 organizations that focus on Texas families. Variety offers grants up to $5000. They have different categories that they support. You can find more details on qualifications and how to apply here:

CPATH grants up to $500 for equipment. Depending on the specific item you need $500 may be great, but it may not be enough. The good thing about this one is that it is NOT income based. Here is the link to apply:

Be An Angel offers grants to help pay for respite, camp as well as some equipment needs. To apply:

Another grant program available is specific to the 4 points area. If you live in this area, Hill Country Special Needs Alliance may be able to help with a handful of different needs. They have been known to cover nonstandard therapy, camp, equipment, and many other medically necessary items that insurance does not cover. You can find out more about the area they cover and apply here:

If the grant programs don’t work out, maybe you would consider used equipment. Many organizations find items that have been outgrown, no longer needed, etc and match it up to families like your own that need them and are having a hard time getting them covered:

Parker Lee Project

Project Mend

One last suggestion is to look on Facebook. There are groups where people will post ISO (in search of) and list items they need. Or FFS (Free For Shipping) and list items they don’t need and will send you if you can cover shipping. There are LOTS of these groups. The best way to find them is to search for “medical supply exchange” and you can then request to join any that come back in your search. Some are local, some are US, some are worldwide, some are specific to a diagnosis or type of equipment too.

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