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Special Ed 101

Michell Huber with Texas Learning Advocacy presented some great tips on preparing for an ARD, as well as some methods for families to use to be the very best possible advocate they can be for their child in the special ed system.

Unfortunately, we had some technical issues and our video cut out about half way through. Michell was kind enough to share a copy of her presentation and our wonderful volunteer, Amairani translated it to Spanish for us as well. There were a few key points that came from Michell’s presentation.

First- Know your rights- even though it is long and dry, read the procedural guide that you are given at each ARD. It lays out all of your rights and can answer a lot of questions.

Second- Ask for an advanced copy of the paperwork before the ARD so that you have time to go over the goals, any assessments, etc.

Third- Be firm, be clear, be polite, but don’t be afraid to ask for a recess or sign it as “I don’t agree”. You can take home the paperwork from the ARD and make sure you are okay with it before signing that you agree.

Below is Michell’s top goal writing tips, as well as the presentation she shared (full of additional tips, resources and much more). If you need further assistance and/or think you may need an advocate, you can always reach out to Michell.


You can also try COPAA to find other advocates and attorneys. There are more resources listed in the PowerPoint below as well.

Thank you Michell, this information is so helpful! Downloads from this talk are available below and include the presentations as well as the handouts.

PowerPoint Presentation – English
PowerPoint Presentation – Spanish
Goal Writing Tips – English
Goal Writing Tips – Spanish

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