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Surviving COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted the entire world. The World Health Organization (WHO) put out “Do the 5” to help everyone try to reduce the spread of the virus as some great visual aids and references. The CDC has frequent updates with the numbers of people infected, prevention measures, symptoms, and more.

Unfortunately the special needs community already knows how to social distance. This is something we all do everyday to keep our kids as healthy as we can. While we may be good at social distancing, it’s still hard when everything is closed or cancelled. We were very sad to cancel our upcoming event, but decided to share some fun ideas to help pass the time.

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) put together an AMAZING document (77 pages) with lots of ideas on crafts you can do at home to make sensory toys and tools. These were designed for children that are blind or visually impaired, but many of these ideas are fun for all types of kids.

Download CNIB Craft Ideas

One of our local families had a GREAT idea! If you have a webcamera get a few other friends with kids the same age and setup a video conference. You can do this for up to 40 minutes free with Zoom. Or Google “Video Conference Apps” and you can find lots of options. Have each of the parents pull up or print out the same list of items for a scavenger hunt. Have the kids all run and find the item on the list. The first one to bring it back and hold it up for all to see gets a point (then go on down the list of items). The kids will love being able to see their friends online and it’s a great way to break up the day. We have put together a few lists for you. One is for younger kids while the other is for a little older. You can click on the images to make them larger and easy to read or print out.

Young Kids
Young Kids
Older Kids
Older Kids

Just getting outside is always a great idea too! Go for a walk, ride bikes/scooter, jump on the trampoline, run through the spinklers, etc. I LOVE seeing all the kids outside playing and families walking together. It reminds me of when I was kid. Here is a fun list that you can use to add a scavenger hunt to your next family walk:

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

One of our AMAZING Junior Volunteers came up with even more fun ideas to do at home. She created a few videos in honor of April being Global Volunteer Month. You can watch these on our YouTube channel:

Casey’s Circle YouTube Channel

Other Ideas to do at home with kids:

  • Bake
  • Play a board game
  • Draw or color a picture
  • Read
  • Keep a journal or diary
  • Do crafts
  • Go for a walk
  • Plant flowers or a garden
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member
  • Living room dance party
  • Build a blanket fort
  • Have a picnic
  • Sing
  • Learn a new language (or make up your own)

If you have ideas and would like to share, please feel free to add a comment below. We always love to hear from you!

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