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Whole Body Medicines for Special Kids

One of the major benefits of alternative medical practices is their actualization of methods that incorporate the whole body and all of its systems into diagnostic criteria and treatment methods. When looking at the body as ONE integrated system, rather than it’s component parts, patterns of illness and imbalance emerge. These patterns are unique to each child, but are part of a larger ordered pattern of body processes. Just as a farmer would look to find the source of disease if his crops began to fail rather than simply pulling out the plants that are ill, alternative medicines is guided by the understanding that the parts of the body work together and rely on one another to maintain a healthy environment.

2407285655_c2de84f57e_oCranioSacral Therapy is one such “whole body medicine”. It is so named, because it relies on the subtle movement of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) housed between the cranium (head) and the sacrum (tail bone). The influx of CSF into and out of the cranial base causes a gentle flexion and extension of the whole body around the spinal chord as the CSF pressure increases and decreases in a wave-like motion. Because the entire body moves with the rhythm of the CSF, CranioSacral Therapists can feel areas of restriction in the body’s movements. Treatment consists of the gentle pseudo-energetic application of pressure to areas of restriction to remove any constraint. Like taking the tension out of an overstretched rubber band or the emotional release that comes with a well-timed hug, tissues in the body begin to unwind, eliminating restriction and improving local function.

accupressureAn older and more well-known “whole body medicine” is Chinese Medicine. This ancient healing art consists of acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, moxibustion, herbs, dietary therapy, energetic healing methods such as qi gong and tai chi, as well as, the more modern techniques of electric stimulation and laser therapy. The foundation of Chinese Medicine is that the body is one integrated operating system in which the internal organs support and control the functional activities of the other organs and the body as a whole. The methods used in Chinese Medicine are very gentle and work with the body’s natural processes to help strengthen and align bodily systems.

Both of these systems of medicine can be extraordinarily helpful to kids with special needs. Dealing with the often immense health issues that come with certain disabilities, it is important to make sure that the body is functioning at its optimal capacity, so healing can occur wherever possible. CranioSacral Therapy and Chinese Medicine work with the body to ensure that it is working at its best, supporting growth and encouraging function.

For more information, or if you would like to give these therapies a try, contact Bee Well Kids in Los Angles and/or Las Vegas, or search for a Chinese Medicine provider near you.

Contributed by Naomi Richman

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