We are an Austin based nonprofit designed to help families of children with special needs. I am sure you are thinking the same question I hear a lot- what makes us different than the other 100’s or 1000’s of local nonprofits? Casey’s Circle is different in a few ways.

  • First, everything we do is designed around the needs of the MOST medically complex. This population is often overlooked. It’s great to be accessible, inclusive or offer sensory hours, but for the medically complex this isn’t enough. We go that extra step to make sure that EVERY child gets a chance to be a kid.
  • Second, we NEVER charge the families a penny for the services we provide. We know that raising any child is expensive; raising a child with special needs often requires all the extra resources a family may be able to gather. We are here to make day-to-day life easier for these families so that they can have more time to focus on the stuff that really matters- quality time and making memories!
  • Third, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of great nonprofits and for profits that also serve the special needs community. If they are providing a service that families we support need, we will send families to them for that service. We team up with other organizations often to provide the best and most complete possible programming to families that we can. We think that working with our community and other community members just makes sense. We are all after the same goal- improving the lives of individuals with special needs- why not work together and accomplish more.
  • Last, but not least, we are 100% volunteer. No one works for Casey’s Circle. We are not looking to make money off of our nonprofit. Every dollar we raise goes toward supporting local families of children with special needs. Everyone that helps with our different programs is here because they really do care and want to make a difference. All of our volunteers come back again and again. They all tell us that seeing the faces of the families we support is so rewarding that they can’t wait for the next opportunity to volunteer again. EVERY DOLLAR WE RAISE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

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