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Our Annual Radio Interview

This was the fifth year that I join KOOP’s Reflections of Community Outreach as their Christmas guest. Each year we talk about the projects I am working on, and updates on Casey. This year Tim was able to join me and KOOP invited one of the chaplains from Dell Children’s to join us as well.

We talked about some of the events and new programs we have planned with Casey’s Circle for 2017 and we talked about some of the programs going on at Dell as well. We work really closely with Dell (many different areas of the hospital) on a lot of our events and it was great to share the interview with them this year. I look forward to reporting back this year with lots of great updates on the work we are doing to honor Casey.

If you were unable to listen to the interview, you can stream it below:
[mp3t track=”Part 1@″ stop=”Pause”]
[mp3t track=”Part 2@″ stop=”Pause”]

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