Tough on Goo – Easy on Skin

As parents we all do our best to keep our baby’s skin healthy and clean. Sometimes this can be a lot harder to do than others. If your child has ever had an EEG for example, you know how hard it is to clean up all of the glue from their scalp and hair. Sometimes we have to use really strong and sticky tape to hold lines in place, or keep kids from picking at stitches (or whatever).

Some babies get a condition called Cradle Cap. This is most common with babies, but if your child is not mobile and/or spends a lot of time in bed they may get cradle cap for many years. Sometimes kids may get this type of skin build up on hands, feet, or even their neck from time to time as well.

Whether it’s sticky goo on the skin, cradle cap, or some other hard to remove substance if you are anything like me you have tried just about everything. People recommend special soaps and shampoos, but none of these things work! There is only 1 thing I have found that does work, and it is SUPER gently on the skin. Baby oil! Yep, that’s it, that’s the big secret. This is what they use in the hospital (they call it adhesive remover). It will get EEG glue out, it clears up cradle cap, it is one of the best things to always have handy around the house. It even removes marker and pen ink from skin. No more scrubbing your poor baby’s skin red, now you can clean up their skin and no one sheds a tear.

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