First Aid & CPR Review

January 17, 2017

Emily discussed the basics of First Aid and CPR for parents. The discussion covered areas specific to children with special needs, such as getting them out of the wheelchair (or what to if that is not an option), what CPR looks like with a trach, bed boards for children that can not be removed from their beds (especially when on vents and contained units). PSA Healthcare brought some additional handouts for families. Some where specific to trach care, while some had some practice scenarios to do at home. All of the handouts are available for download below. There are also links to the online reviews from American Red Cross as well as links for full First Aid & CPR courses. We would like to say thank you to Wyoming Springs for graciously hosting us and Shield Healthcare for providing dinner. This was a great way to start this new program.

Online Reviews from American Red Cross

Packing a Go Bag

Sign up for First Aid & CPR classes in the greater Austin area:
CPR Resources (all taught by professional firefighters)

DOPE Approach (Trach Emergencies)
Never Give Up (Ventilation when the trach is out)

Did you miss this event? No problem, you can watch the live video. The sound is little low so you may want to turn it up. It’s a little shaky in the beginning as well, but it’s only for a few seconds.

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